CRE Tech Influencers Reflect on 2018 Trends

CRE Tech Influencers Reflect on 2018 Trends

The commercial real estate technology landscape is changing more rapidly than ever. Over the past 12 months there’s been a palpable sense of momentum as interest and investment in the space has intensified. New companies and products are popping up every day as companies try to use technology to modernize and disrupt a massive worldwide industry.

This week Building Engines released an eBook that looks at the most significant trends influencers saw in 2018. These trends not only show us what’s happened over the past year, but also show us where we’re headed in 2019.

One of the influencers included was Genea’s President and CEO, Michael Wong. In the last year we’ve seen intensifying demand for technology that’s not only useful, but also easy to implement.

“Cutting-edge technology tends to get the headlines, but oftentimes has a lot of pitfalls in terms of implementation, without obvious payback,” says Wong. “The tech companies that are really making a name for themselves are the ones that understand how stretched property teams are and strive to provide technology that not only solves real problems for property teams, but also doesn’t saddle them with painful and lengthy implementations.”

We expect to see this trend increase in 2019 as CRE companies continue their strategic investment in impactful technology. With so many tech companies jockeying for attention in the space, the companies that prove themselves to be true partners with their customers are quickly gaining critical reputations in this chaotic tech landscape.

To read the full eBook and learn about all the industry trends in 2018, visit the Building Engines’ site. To learn more about how easy it is to implement Genea’s software, request a demo.

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