Managing access around the holidays can be a logistical challenge for businesses. Genea Access Control simplifies this process by allowing IT and security teams to add holidays to their door schedules, directly from the Access Control dashboard. This feature is more than just about convenience; it’s about optimizing security protocols during times when traditional office schedules may not apply. 

Three Types of Holiday Schedules for Access Control 

Holiday Schedules help system administrators adjust their office and building access permissions during the holidays. Genea offers three ways to change permissions from the Access Control dashboard: 

  • Single Customized Holidays: IT and security teams can input a single holiday name, along with the specific date or date range, into Holiday Schedules. This feature caters to unique holidays or events that may not follow a standard pattern. 
  • Bulk Holidays: Ideal for efficiently managing multiple holidays, this feature opens a spreadsheet within the Genea Access Control dashboard. Administrators can input various holidays and their dates in one go, streamlining the process. 
  • Predefined Holidays: Genea takes convenience a step further by providing a predefined list of holidays. Updated annually, this list ensures that your access control system aligns with recognized holidays automatically. It’s a hassle-free way to stay synchronized with holiday calendars. 

Yearly Alignment 

Holiday Schedules for Access Control exemplifies Genea’s commitment to simplifying your security. Even if a holiday shifts in terms of the day of the week, Genea Access Control will automatically align the date every year. This feature eliminates the need for manual adjustments and ensures that security measures remain effective. 

Adding Group Exemptions for Uninterrupted Operations 

Holiday schedules often come with exceptions. Genea recognizes this need and allows administrators to add exemptions within the Holiday Schedule. For instance, if a specific employee, like a sales executive, requires access to the office on a holiday, an exemption can be easily added. This ensures that the individual’s regular access privileges remain active, promoting operational continuity. 

Furthermore, administrators can fine-tune the exemptions by adjusting different modes to customize the time and date for which credentials stay active. This level of granularity provides organizations with the control they need to balance security and flexibility seamlessly. 

Holiday Schedules for Access Control

Centralized Views for Efficient Management 

IT and security admins can use Genea Access Control to simplify access management during the holidays with centralized dashboard views. This single pane of glass view allows administrators to organize Holiday Groups, Door Schedules, Access Groups, and I/O Rules efficiently. The ability to activate schedules selectively ensures that security measures are implemented precisely when and where they are needed. 

How “Single Pane of Glass” Security Helps During the Holidays 

The holidays should be relaxing and safe. With the right security system, you can spend less time on your holiday security and more time planning your delicious holiday dinner. Genea’s cloud-based, “single pane of glass” access control system gives you the flexibility to oversee your facilities whether in the office or at home. Plus, with a feature-rich, integrated solution, you can automate your security for the entire year. Backed by 24/7/365 support, we’re a partner you can rely on.  

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