A masked figure breaches the premises. He’s got a gun and several rounds of ammunition. He runs to the front of a building. That’s when it hits you — you’re the only defense between this armed person and destruction.  

Genea recognizes situations like this have become all too common. Those responsible for providing security need fast, flexible solutions that protect. That’s why we believe door access control should be customizable. With Custom Emergency Lockdown Plans administrators can create unique rules to keep doors open or locked in emergency situations — let’s explore how.  

What is an Emergency Lockdown Plan?  

An Emergency Lockdown is a feature used to lockdown specific points of a healthcare facility, school, enterprise or any other location using Genea Security. During an emergency lockdown, all specified doors will lock, and credentials will deactivate.  

Features of Custom Emergency Plans  

Previously, Genea Security featured two lockdown settings. Administrators could either open or lock all their facility’s doors during an emergency. With the feature update, it is now possible to create a distinct plan. Administrators can now:  

  • Customize the name of each plan  
  • Automate the plan to open or lock specific doors  
  • Create role-based exemptions 

These features increase the speed and ability to strategically respond to emergencies. 

Emergency Lockdown Plan Genea Security

The Benefits  

Custom Emergency Plans help teams formulate a unique plan before an emergency occurs. As a result, administrators can save time when they need to most. Custom Emergency Plans also helps teams:  

  • Differ their response by emergency type 
  • Quickly respond to emergencies  
  • Prevent bad actors from accessing parts of a building 

Emergency Plans for Hospitals and Schools 

Public foot traffic makes healthcare facilities among the most susceptible to violent crime and disorderly conduct. Additionally, hospitals account for 334 cases of infant abductions. It’s the job of IT and security teams to respond quickly and prevent these incidents.  

Administrators can create separate plans that uniquely address emergency scenarios, such as:  

  • Infant Abduction 
  • Fire Drills 
  • Disorderly Conduct 
  • Active Shooter  

Educational institutions also face a lot of outside foot traffic. In 2021, there were 34 school shootings in the United States. Twenty-four of these shootings occurred between August 1 and December 31. With Emergency Lockdowns, administrators can isolate vulnerable parts of the building to corral the perpetrator. By using this automation, security teams can save lives.  

Learn more about Emergency Lockdown Plans and Genea Security by speaking with one of our experts.