Increasing the Visibility of Your Amenities to Your Tenant Base

Increasing the Visibility of Your Amenities to Your Tenant Base

Visibility of Amenities to Tenant Base

From concierge services to game centers to food trucks, the amenity wars are real and they are fierce. Building owners are investing heavily to make sure their buildings are places people want to be, so they can attract and retain tenants in an increasingly competitive landscape.

With all of these exciting amenities in place, however, the challenge becomes getting tenants to engage with those amenities so they can reap the benefits of these modern workspaces. At the core of this challenge is tenant communication.

How Tenant Communication Works Today

For many buildings, tenant communication is a manual and time-consuming process. Property teams send emails to office managers, who may or may not pass that information along to the employees in their office. This means that with each communication it’s unclear if the information is reaching the intended audience or if it’s being buried in an inbox.

Property teams also lean on signage (either digital or physical) in their lobbies and elevators to help get the word out. But often tenants are too focused on their destination or their smartphone to notice those messages.

The Rise of the Building App

To combat these challenges, many buildings are turning to technology to help and meeting tenants where their eyeballs already are — on their smartphones.

People spend an average of nearly three hours on their smartphones each day. Building apps allow property teams to centralize all relevant building information and resources into a single place that tenants can access from their smartphones. This allows tenants to consume the information when they want, in a format that’s natural to them.

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It also gives property teams a central place they can update to make sure tenants have the latest information on building events and resources. This can help smooth the tenant communication process at all stages of the tenant lifecycle.

Engaging Prospective Tenants

Leasing agents tout building amenities as part of attracting tenants to your building. A building app allows you to take that engagement a step further by showcasing the modern tenant experience you provide your tenants with your building app. It also allows prospective tenants to learn about amenities that might get missed in a building tour, like overtime HVAC automation. Finally, it can help you engage prospective tenants that aren’t yet local to your area. Your building app can help paint the picture of what life is like in your building no matter where the prospective tenant is.

Onboarding New Tenants

When a new tenant moves into the building, there’s a long list of housekeeping items that need to be handled: access card forms, emergency training, work order system access, etc. Onboarding new tenants usually consists of sending them various links and paper forms that must be walked back to the management office once completed.

But with a building app, property teams can simply point new tenants to their app store to download the app and everything they need is right at their fingertips. This allows them to not only access onboarding information, but learn more about building amenities and have a central place to return to in the future for additional forms and resources.

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Once your tenant is settled in, it’s time for them to explore what the building offers – inside and out. Buildings with food trucks, farmers markets, entertainment, or a nice rooftop garden to lounge in, bring people together and enliven the work space. Building apps create a virtual community for tenants to explore local restaurants and hangouts, and even make reservations. This convenience creates an atmosphere that contributes to the ongoing tenant satisfaction and wellness you want to achieve.

Ongoing Tenant Communication

Once tenants are in your building, you need a reliable way to keep them informed of building events, new amenities, and any changes that might be happening at your building. You also want to give them a way to quickly and easily access building forms and resources, such as forms or the tenant handbook. A building app can provide all of this at the exact moment when the tenant is looking for that information.

Besides trendy amenities, there are other important announcements tenants should know about. When your team needs to notify tenants of an upcoming fire drill, or in case of a natural disaster, such as a snowstorm, hurricane, or wildfire, email notifications aren’t the most reliable way to get your message to your tenant base.

With a building app, you can send push notifications that reach tenants immediately and display as a text message banner across their phone. This communication channel is ideal for real time building announcements because it quickly notifies tenants about things that impact them even if they aren’t in your building at the moment.

Driving Engagement and Usage

Informing your tenants of amenities and events is one thing, but to really make the most of your investment in these building perks you need to drive engagement with your tenant base. A building app allows you to drive usage of amenities. You can promote your café with a coupon or highlight your gym with a homepage image reminding tenants of the gym hours when they open the app.
You can track analytics of which parts of the app tenants visit most so you can see which amenities are most or least interesting to tenants. You can poll tenants on potential new food trucks they’d like to see or new amenities that would interest them.

By shifting your tenant communication from one-off to real time you open up a world of opportunities to showcase the value your amenities bring to the work experience and to your tenant base.

If you’re considering an app for your building, now is the time to make the leap. Request a demo below to see what your app could look like!