Cloud or on-prem? Proprietary or non-proprietary? Upgrading your access control system is filled with decisions, decisions, decisions. And although access control has never had so many choices, companies still face the challenge of vetting the right provider. Luckily, a hardware takeover may help with the decision.

One of the most commonly sought-after upgrades is moving from an on-site (or on-premises) server to the cloud. Often, this involves making expensive hardware replacements. However, an access control takeover makes it possible to implement cloud access control without installing new hardware. Genea Systems Specialist, Mike Perez explains how this is possible.  

“All your existing equipment stays as is,” Perez says. “What we’re doing is removing your existing server. Moving forward everything is pretty much maintained by us.” 

Read on to see the benefits of an access control takeover.  

Should I Choose Proprietary or Non-proprietary Access Control Hardware? 

One of the most important decisions when installing or upgrading to the cloud is your access control hardware. The hardware you choose can complicate daily life just as easily as it can simplify it. Hardware falls into two categories:  

  • Proprietary access control 
  • Non-proprietary access control 

Proprietary hardware ties IT and security teams to a single access control provider. If the provider goes out of business or the quality of their product diminishes, the IT or security administrator will face operational inefficiencies. Essentially, non-proprietary hardware ties companies to a specific provider. The only option is to replace the proprietary hardware with a new system.  

Conversely, non-proprietary hardware allows IT and security teams more flexibility. When operating using non-proprietary software, administrators are not tied to one provider. If the software doesn’t stay up to date, the administrator can easily swap software providers—no ripping and replacing of hardware is necessary. So where does the hardware takeover come in?  

What is a Software Takeover? 

In 2022, the manufacturing industry saw a slowdown in production. Consequently, procuring access control hardware was delayed, which, in turn, delayed new installations. Those companies hoping to transition from their legacy, on-premises systems to the cloud faced an added hurdle.  

Luckily, for those with non-proprietary hardware already installed, Genea has a unique solution.  

The Genea Solution 

Those IT and security teams wanting to get their access control system onto the cloud, but not wanting to wait for delayed hardware shipments, can use a software takeover

Genea uses the hardware already installed in the building or suite. The on-site server is removed, and your data is moved to Genea’s cloud.  

“Everything will work exactly as it was before,” Perez says. “If you have Bluetooth enabled or Bluetooth availability on your existing readers, you can continue using your mobile keys, too.”  

In addition, companies deciding to use a Genea Security takeover will benefit from a wide variety of API integrations and an intuitive user interface. Integrations include notification, video, visitor and identity management systems. 

The user interface comes complete with dozens of features, including Badge Design and Printing, Custom Roles and Attributes, Global Dashboard and more.  

To learn more about how a cloud-based access control takeover may be right for you, speak with one of our knowledgeable Genea experts and download a whitepaper to see the current systems we can take over.